The result of a LVAD off test. Our journey will go on to the next stage.

Actually, I was in hospital from Tuesday and left today. I had an LVAD off test. If result is very good, there will be a chance to have my LVAD taken out.

I had a catheter check in a surgery room. I was nervousexcited  the result was…..










My heart condition is improving than before, but, it isn’t enough to be taken out.

It was just few days stay in the hospital, but I learned that staying in hospital is tough, painful and lonely.

I want to tell people only one thing:

“If you can still try your not to get an illness, or injury please do your best.”

Please treat your body well, don’t push yourself too much, drink, smoke, eat too much. Some people say;

“I do whatever i want! If something bad happens, I am happy to die!!”

But the truth is that modern medical technology will not allow you to die easily as you think. You may have to suffer and feel pain first.

If you got a serious illness, people who did those stupid things with you won”t be there for you.

Even though you work so hard and are stressed so much for somebody, they won’t be there for you.

The only people, who are going to be for you, when you suffer, and feel pain in the hospital, are the people who always cared of you, and sometimes told you to stop to do something. 

Eventually you might end up in that hospital bed by yourself. That is a very dark, tough and lonely place.

I don’t mean to frighten you. I’m not saying stop doing everything that is bad for your health and live like monks. Absolutely you need to refresh, and sometimes you have to push your self hard, but please control and manage yourself. If you feel something wrong, just go to doctor. Life is a balance.

I have gotten this rare illness, nobody knows why, there was no chance to stop this from happening.

I received many messages from people who are encouraged by what I write in this blog, but what I want to tell people about the importance of your life and your health.

I have been asked by many people if there is anything they can do for me. The only thing what I want you to do is..

just take care of your health. That’s all I ask of you.

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