The new circle of relationship.

On January, 27th, 2017, I had an opportunity to do my speech for the second time.

It was my first time to do a speech in front of adults, but it was a good opportunity to meet many new people.

I tried to be aaware of two things this time.

Never get used to my words and my current situation.1.My words

Recently I have had some chances or been asked to share my story by many people. Sometimes I got scared myself that I told them my experience automatically and logically like a robot.

I want to make sure that I never get used to what I say to people who hear my story for the first time.

2. My current situation.

It’s going to be two years soon since I got DCM. Although there are some restrictions, I’m catching up with the normal life I used to have before. Luckily I have gotten a current job and work with wonderful colleagues.

However, I shouldn’t forget it was just because I was lucky,

I can go out freely because of the improvement of medical technology.

I could be employed because It was lucky coincidence.

Moreover, I had enough physical and mental strength and big support from my family and Lindsey. These make me who I am now.

‘Why are you a person who is waiting for a heart transplantation, sharing your story, and trying to educate people about organ transplantation?’

‘Why do you keep pushing your self?’

I have been asked such questions. I didn’t have a clear answer at first, but I think I can answer now.

It is because I want to do what I can do.

I feel there are many patients who are suffering from rare diseases and people who are waiting for organ transplants back to back.

Some people told me ‘Hey, you are doing beautiful meaningful thing!’ ‘ It’s a precious thing to do.’ But I don’t do it to hear these noble words.

I just want to find a meaning in having this illness which took my hope and my future completely, and just want to feel self-satisfaction that I’m doing something right.

I have received encouraging messages from audiences. It was a really good experience to do the speech. Thank you to the organizers and Mr. Ogimi.

The unusual collaboration of Sports & Mental Training & DCM & Green Ribbon Campaign brought people together and helped build new relationships and circles of friends.


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