Syoganaine- しょうがないね

Daiki was not told his diagnoses for 2 weeks after everyone else in order to prevent his condition from getting dangerously worse. When he was told he had DCM and will most likely require a heart transplant in the future he asked us to leave the room. Upon returning his reaction was a few tears followed by 2 minutes of silence then; ‘ま,しょうがないね (-well there’s nothing can be done about it so no point in worrying)。よし, what do I have to do in order to get better?’ Unbelievable. I cannot stress enough to anyone the strength of this man’s mind. At no point did Daiki ever loose his positivity or feel sorry for himself. He took his diagnosis head on, with a fight and with no intention to loose. Such is the indomitable spirit of the wrestler.
Daiki continues to amaze me. He never complains about the pain or discomfort he must be in. Even after having endured a 4 hour operation under local anesthetic to have an ICD implanted (and later tested) under his chest muscles, he said his biggest fear was having to call the nurses to help him go to the toilet. I guess we all have our limits haha. To this day I often feel ashamed of myself when I feel weak or sad, after all I’m not even the one who is ill. All I have to do to find courage is to look at the man living with the disease and the patients around me who are fighting everyday just to survive. What are you fighting for? More money? Less stress? A partner? A new handbag? Let me tell you there is no ruder awakening to help you realize what is important in life than when death threatens to take you or your loved one away. So don’t waste time on the superficial things. Appreciate what you have, attract what you want and tell your loved ones that you love them everyday. It’s been said a thousand times before. What will encourage you to be the change you wish to see in your life?


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