-DK- Hiroshima ①「Finding myself back where I started」

-DK- Hiroshima ①「Finding myself back where I started」

Last weekend, I visited Hiroshima junior wrestling club where I started my wrestling career when I was 10 and I couched wrestling until this April 2015. Although I went to high school and University for wrestling far away from Hiroshima, I visited this club when I went back home. This place always made me realize how much I love wrestling. 「Finally I came back here…」

I sat down on a chair and I could relive my past through my students.

I never imagined that I wouldn’t be able to wrestle anymore. Sometimes I hated wrestling because of the hard practices everyday, but now I savour these memories and miss wrestling so much. When I thanked my students and their parents for supporting me at the end of practice, I couldn’t control my emotions. Tears welled up in my eyes..

I could see many kids improved a lot since and became so big since last time I saw them. That is the biggest gift as a coach. They gave me lots of power and I again realized I am who I am due to wrestling.

A present from one of the student’s parents. It says 「Wrestling spirit! DK!」
The next day, I went to the school where I used to work.
It was a first time to visit there since I suddenly left. I felt bad I never got the chance to say good bye to my students. When I arrived many of my home room students were waiting for me. It was so nice to see and talk to them again. Being a teacher wasn’t easy… I had many troubles, a lot of responsibilities and hard work however, I learnt a lot from those experiences and I believe that teaching is such a beautiful job.
To my students, I will always be your supporter. I will definitely come back someday! Chase your dreams.  
Coming back to Hiroshima made me realize what I want to do in my life and what is important. It’s so scary that I have no idea what the future holds, therefore I want to treasure each moment of my life and pursue my dreams. 
Love the life you live. Live the life you love. 
by Bob Marley

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