-DK- Hiroshima ②「Ever been to Hiroshima?」

-DK- Hiroshima ②「Ever been to Hiroshima?」
Have you ever been to Hiroshima?
With t
his article, I would like to briefly introduce my home town Hiroshima. 
Two world heritage sites. 
I think Hiroshima is a well known city all over the world, because of the atomic bomb in August 6th in 1945. It is important to know it’s history; what really happened, why it happened and how it has effected the people who survived. My grandmother was a junior high school student when the bomb was dropped. She survived luckily, but, most of her school mates died. She suffered the guilt of living for a long time. She told me one day that we should never forget to appreciate and fight for peace, and we have to keep it forever. 
Hiroshima’s most famous heritage site is the Atomic Bomb Dome (Genbaku domu). Situated next to the Peace Memorial park, this building marks the direct spot where the bomb was dropped at 8:15am, 1945.
Peace lanterns float down the river during Hiroshima’s annual Memorial anniversary. 6th Aug

Another world heritage site in Hiroshima is Itsukushima shrine.’ This shrine was built in 593, and the island is was known as ‘god’s island’.  Although there are many temples in Japan, Japans main religion is Shinto. These red shinto shrines represent the gateway to a place of worship. It is worth to visit here and I recommend hiking Mt. Misen if you visit. The shrine is located on Miyajima island, accessible by ferry from Hiroshima port. The oysters and Momijimanjyu are pretty famous too.  

The most famous food in Hiroshima is this!! Do you know what it is ?? It’s our soul food.

It is called ‘Hiroshima okonomiyaki.It contains egg, cabbage, pork and noodles inside with a sweet sauce on the top. You can try many different types of toppings including, onion, kimuchi, cheese, fish flakes, mochi etc. Lin’s favourite topping is j…. Eating okonomiyaki, drinking beer and chatting with the chef about Hiroshima’s baseball team ‘Carp’ is Hiroshima people’s favorite style.
Finally, after 7 months I went to have okonomiyaki, but I had to order it without sauce…. because I have salt restriction. Although I can’t eat salty food and drink alcohol until I have a heart transplant, I felt so happy just to be in a restaurant with my friend. I don’t want to look at ‘what I can’t do’. I want to appreciate ‘what I can do’. Everything is up to me and my effort.

かんぱーい!!! Cheers!
Another okonomiyaki restaurant the other day. The noodles were so crispy!

This is an original menu of this restaurant. It’s called ‘Okkon burger.’

Christmas illumination 
Downtown in Hiroshima city.
Hiroshima castle 
My favorite walking spot. (LIN and my dad) 
My lovely doggies.( Ku and Kai ) 
I can’t introduce all of Hiroshima this time but I swear you won’t regret visiting here if you have a chance!
I’m going to back to Osaka in few days. I will miss you Hiroshima!!

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