My family across the ocean.

Good evening.

‘busy days’ are what I wanted but same time, I feel that I shouldn’t be satisfied with being busy.

‘Do what you can,’ Mr. Souther, friend of mine told me. 

I’m going to get ready and act on what I can do.

There are plenty of people who can ‘replace’ us in work. Although you may feel  ‘ I am the only one who can do this, and I have to do that’, there are actually many people who can do it instead of you.

However in this life, there is a one thing which doesn’t excite ‘substitute’ is ‘family’,

If you think of yourself as a family member there is no one who can replace you.

I thought little of the relationship with my family before I got ill, and even though I tried to understand the importance of it in my mind, I couldn’t act upon it.

What I learned from my illness are very simple ideas.

‘Family’ is one of them.

I used to think of the importance of family vaguely before and I feel I should take care of then ‘one day.’ However, since I got ill there is no longer ‘one day.’ I started to think tenderly of them a lot.

However, there are times when I suddenly feel heartbroken. It is about Lindsey’s family.

Lindsey has family as same as I have my own, but as a international couple, one or another will not be able to stay or see his/her family.

I want Lindsey to stay with her family, but I can’t do anything now with my health and situation.I wasn’t sure what the answer is when I think her families predicament, and sometimes I feel anxious when I imagine what they might think of my situation.

Lindsey went back to England for three weeks since last weekend. I really hope that she is enjoying her own culture, air, and the time with her precious family.

Her family in England has no replacement for Lindsey.

My family in Japan has no replacement for me.

And there is no replacement of Lindsey for me.

I hope everybody has a good time with their family this new year.


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