The British Heart Foundation and UK Charity Shops (3) by Lindsey.

The British Heart Foundation
7 Million People are currently living with cardiovascular disease in the UK. Coronary heart disease is UK’s biggest killer and 1 in 145 babies is born with a congenital heart defect. The BHS (British Heart Foundation) is the UK’s biggest charity, “Fighting for every heart beat.”
The Nations Heart charity was founded in 1961 by a group of medical professionals wanting to fund extra research into the causes, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of heart and circulatory disease. Scientific and societal progress have helped transform the landscape of heart disease.


‘Heart beat logo’ since 1971.

The NHS offers information and support on circulatory diseases, through support campaigns, volunteers, fundraising, support lines, community-share stories, shops and events as well as funding research.  Campaigns include; National Heart Month, Wear Red Day, The Big Donation as well as many others to raise awareness of BHF, sell stock and increase donations.

There have been over 3,800 schemes to educate people what to do in emergency situation, including school projects.
The BHF has over 950 Healthcare professional caring for patients across UK and over 500 BHF high street shops. These shops are run by volunteers and sell second hand clothing, antiques, books etc. In 2013 the BHF made a gross income of 133m pounds. 40% of income through legacies and wills, 31% voluntary income, 23% retail, 5% investment income etc.

UK Charity Shops

I am very proud to say that the UK has a plethora of charity shops helping to fund a variety of charitable organisations to raise money. Even my tiny hometown boasts over 5 Charity shops along the main street. 
Charity shops are thrift shops and sell used goods donated by the public, often staffed by volunteers. There are roughly more than 213,000 volunteers.
Every year they raise 290 million pounds for a range of causes in the UK, with 85% of it’s goods are from donations. They also function as a way of raising awareness of the charity concerned. 
Charity shops raise money for the following:
-Medical research
-Overseas aid
-Environmental initiatives
-Supporting sick and deprived children
-Homeless people
-Mentally and physically disabled people
-Animal welfare and for many other causes 
The Salvation Army Lichfield Branch
The first charity shop was the Salvation Army in the 19th century. Then Oxfam began selling goods in 1947 to help alleviate the post war situation in Greece. The success of this appeal was so successful that it was decided to set up a shop in Oxford to sell a portion of these and to use the profits to further fund aid in Greece.  Oxfam remains to this day.
There are currently 10,500 charity shops in the UK:
300-Northen Ireland
300 Republic of Ireland

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