How happy we are

How happy we are

‘How happy we are’

These are my magical words, which make me calm every time I say them.

Lindsey and I have to go to Osaka every month for health check. When we go there, we visit some places. This time we went to Kyoto.There are silent moments out there.

I try to say those magical words when there is a peaceful moment like that.

‘I am a happy man’

I don’t care about the definition of happiness or if the situation is truly happy or not.

I am certain that everybody has concerns and distress, such as work, life, love, school and friendship, and so one.

However, there are many things that you can’t handle by your self even though you suffer, blame and worry about the problems.

For me, my concerns are my health.

It won’t get any better even though I feel anxious and worry about my heart.

Worrying is suffering twice.

So, let’s think opposite way and try to be happy for the rest of our time.

Nobody knows how much time we have left.

Many people say that I am having a hard time and that I must be suffering.

But my answer is ‘NO’. I am a happy man.

I believed that if someone says ‘I’m happy’ it makes other people feel peaceful and they make other people happy too. And so the circle of happiness is extended.

Anytime is ok, like coffee time, lunch time, bath time or even during very little moments of silence. Shall we start to say these words; ‘How happy I am!’

If you do you just might be able to see new scenery, which you have never seen before.

Life is yours.


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