First post of 2016 by DK and Lindsey.

-DK- Small steps, but big progress
Happy New Year everyone! Hope you had good holidays!!
Traditional Japanese New Year decoration

I spent the holidays with my family mostly. We played card games and took the dogs for walks. I used to drink and party a lot every year, but this year was very quiet and calm.
In 2016…. I’m planning to start some new things this year…and..look at this!! Step1! 

I started to work as a Juku school teacher (like a private tutoring school), where I used to go when I was an elementary and junior high school student.
I’m so happy to work with a boss who understands me well (next to me), and be involved with kids. In spit of only a couple of working hours everyday, this is very good rehabilitation for me.This is a small step, but big progress for me. Good start to 2016!!!I hope it’s going to be a good year for everybody.
Of corse, we will face a lot of hardship, obstacles and sadness, but let’s smile every time we prevail.
“The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.”- Moliere
A famous Japanese pro-wrestler ‘Antonio Inoki’ said
‘As long as you have power, you can do anything!!’ 
1、2、3 DAAAAA!! LET’S GO 2016!!
~LIN~ There and back again
On Dec 31st 2014 I journeyed back from England to where my life in Japan started, Hiroshima. Strange, after a year I find myself back in England reflecting on the most heartbreaking yet rewarding years of my life. Funny isn’t it what can happen in a year?

When I was asked to reflect on 2015 I was for the first time (in a long time DK would say), quiet. I had nothing to say or write. How could I capture the loss, strength, gain and transformation we have gone through in words I thought?

For us 2015 came like a tsunami, destroying all our hopes and dreams for the future in it’s wake. It came without warning and took without prejudice or answeing why!? Nothing prepared us and although DK is currently doing astonishingly the scares are there and remind us of the fragility of our short, little lives. 
Yet out of the wreckage a wonderers new appreciation for life has been found. Without this year me and DK would not have been able to appreciate the sweet joy a simple walk outside can bring. Without this year I wouldn’t have valued a home cooked meal with the family. And although I am not in Japan with DK at the moment I am reminded everyday by this mans unyielding positivity and strength that despite our circumstances man “is usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.”- Abraham Lincoln 
Although I do not know what 2016 will bring I am determined to make it a happy one. I have learnt the value of time and the complete uselessness of self inflicted stress and hatred. So my advice for 2016 would simply be;
“appreciate what you have now before time makes you appreciate what you HAD!”
Do not waste time in idle quarrels, and do not grow bitter doing a job you hate. We have two choices and ways to react in life, those that are based in either love or fear!
And for Japanese people I say to you, please be an organ donor! It only takes a few minutes to be a hero and save a life. So fill out the card on the back of your drivers license today!
Thank you and have a great 2016 everyone. 

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