-DK- The operation was success!

-DK- The operation was success!

I woke up 5 days after the surgery. The first three days were terrible. It was like a nightmare. I had a lot of tubes all over my body, so I couldn’t move at all. My head wasn’t still clear and I was struggling with the pain, and sickness all day. It seemed like my body was rejecting the artificial heart. I was looking at a clock and just hoping that time would pass faster. It was the most difficult time of my life. Sometimes, I just wanted to give up, and to be free. However, one night, I heard a little baby crying in ICU room. That time I was embarrassed at myself for being weak, that I wanted to give up, even though a small baby was fighting for her life. From then on I made myself bear the pains and didn’t want to be weak again. 

When I saw my mother and girlfriend for first time after the surgery, my eyes were filled with tears. I couldn’t express my emotion and how much relief I felt when I saw them. My mom told me ‘Welcome back, you are our hero.’ and my girlfriend hugged me tightly. I felt so much love and realized what family is and how precious it is being loved. 

After 3 days, my body started to adopt to the change little by little, so I could feel a bit better. 

One day a nurse came up to me and said ‘You must have had such a difficult time, because your surgery took 2 days’ I was so surprised by what she said! She then said; ‘The day after your surgery your bleeding didn’t stop, so the doctors had to operate again. You have suffered as twice as other patients.’ I replied… ‘Oh HELL YEAH..’.

Anyway, I survived! Thank you!!


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