How excited I am!
Finally I was allowed to go outside of the hospital (Outside of the hospital park, technically) as practice before leaving the hospital.

My condition is super fine and i’m recovering everyday.
(Surprisingly, my BNP is 110 from 1900!)

              ( Walking every day@ hospital park. Getting ready for go outside. )

My family and I passed the exam of how to use the Heart mate Ⅱ , so our next step is to pass the GOING OUT SIDE OF THE HOSPITAL test 2 times. (First, with a medical coordinator, and second is just with my family)

Sep 18, 2015. First test.  
(Although LIN has already written about it, we want to offer different points of view)
My family and a medical coordinator decided to go to a shopping mall. My mission is to use public transportations, to walk in a crowd of people and deal with heart mate Ⅱ properly.

I was so happy to go outside but also I was nervous…because it was first time to go outside of the hospital since I moved to Osaka and with a Heart mate Ⅱ.

We enjoyed shopping in the mall, had a coffee and chat at the cafe. Shopping was a very small thing for me before I got ill, but I was filled with happiness to just be outside, with my family and LIN. It was so much fun! But I was so tired after shopping. haha
Anyway I passed my first going out test! I want to do this again ASAP!! 

Oct 8th 2015. Second test. 
My family and LIN went back to Hiroshima after first going out test, and LIN came back to Osaka Oct 6th (^-^). The people who have an artificial heart in Japan have to be with someone, who passed the Heart Mate manual test, when they want to go outside. This is my hospitals rule. Isn’t it strict? How about other countries? 
After the first going outside test, I kept doing excises every day. So I was pretty confident this time.

LIN and I went to Ritsumeikan University Ibaraki campus. It has been a while since we went out just the two of us!

It was beautiful sunny day! We walked a lot, because we got lost as we always do. (We took one hour to get to the University from station, even tough Google map said it would take just 7min from station!)
We had steak for lunch 
(I finished mine in like 3 min), walked around the campus, sat on a bench, took a selfie and called the medical coordinator to report that we were fine. Just spending time together under the sun was so nice and peaceful.

Although I was so confident this time, I became aware of my limits. In the hospital, I am surrounded by ill people, where I look like very healthy, strong man.
But outside, I could see my weaknesses, because I can’t walk at the same speed as other people and I can’t play outside like young University students do. I was so envious to see them playing soccer from a window.

I learned a lot of good and bad points from these two going outside tests. I didn’t want people to look at me and know that I have an artificial heart and physical ailment (I have a ‘physical disabled’ card now). However, at the same time I want people to realize and understand that I have difficulties. It is hard… because on the outside I just look like a normal person.

I passed the ‘going outside test’ two times!
My next mission is staying at house for an night!
My hospital life is almost done!!

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