DK is charging..

DK is charging..

Hello!! Sorry it has been a while since I wrote here in English, but I’m doing well.

Autumn is here in Japan.

I believe that it is important to feel moved by or say ‘Oh it’s stunning’ when we see beautiful scenes, especially as we sometimes forget to appreciate nature when we are busy. 

It’s been two weeks since I left the hospital.
I go out for a walk anytime and I walk further and further day by day. I feel my condition is improving!!
My everyday life is very quiet now. I go for walks at Osaka University, Expo park, Kyoto and Osaka downtown. Perhaps this is a time for me to charge my life batteries.
Osaka Uni. I teach Japanese to LIN.
Went to an aquarium in Osaka (Kaiyukan) with my mom and LIN.
Osaka expo park. ( Expo exhibition was hold here in 1970.) 
I’m standing in front of a statue, called ‘tower of the sun’ at Osaka expo park, and pointing to the hospital, where I was staying. The Statue was very small from the windows of the hospital, but actually it’s huge!! I always wanted to walk here once I got stronger… then finally I made it!!
The other day I went to the expo park with my mom while LIN was traveling to Okinawa. It was little bit strange for me to be with my mom, because I hadn’t lived with my parents since high school and I never imagined we would be living together again like this. On the one hand I feel little bit shy to be with my mom, but on the other hand I think it is an important moment in my life. Teacher in Japanese is 先生(sensei), ‘先’ means ‘before’ and ‘生’ means ‘born.’ So teachers can be anyone who was born before you. Not only teachers in school. I think parents are the greatest and nearest teachers that we can have. I sat down with her and talked about life and the future. It was such a precious time for me.

I visited many places and met many people who I wanted to see. Friends are treasures of life.

With high school teachers, who I respect.
Ritsumeikan Uji junior wrestling club. The head couch encouraged me to go study abroad in Calgary, Canada.

The high school’s volley ball team, where I used to work, came to Osaka for training camp. It was nice to see students and teachers again. 
Although I am not a teacher anymore, I gave a speech for them based on my experiences. 
‘Appreciation for having an environment where they can do sports everyday.’ 
‘Overcoming difficulties and pain through sports will support you when you face difficulties in life.’ 

From the 5th of November, I will be going back to my home town, Hiroshima! This is the first time for me to go back home since I came to Osaka. 

I’m so excited to see my lovely dogs!!
Maybe they are waiting for me like this??

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