Because I’m a wrestler!

Now I have started rehab and am recovering pretty fast. Doctors, nurses and my family are surprised how quickly I am recovering and making progress in rehab. They say because I’m a wrestler! 🙂 
So my and my families next challenge is to study how to use an artificial heart ( Heart Mate Ⅱ ) properly and pass the exam. If we successfully pass that we can go on to the next stage Practicing to go outside of the hospital. ( I am so excited!)
 Although there are risks of having an artificial heart I don’t regret the decision at all. I might face many difficult problems, but they will never beat me because I have super strong supporters. 

I promised my love that I will always be with her, so I will be back like a phoenix even if anything happens.
It is my turn to be her guardian.  

Life is beautiful.

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