Did I become a man with a “Big” heart?

Did I become a man with a “Big” heart?

Last year today, I told everyone via Facebook about my situation.

One year later, I am able to think about my future positively again because of receiving an LVAD. Thanks to the medical technology, and even though I am living with many risks, (such as complications which come from having an LVAD) I am very happy to get back to a normal life.

When I announced my illness, I received tons of messages from many friends around the world.

As I got through each message, I saw the face of each person and it reminded me of the memories and times we shared.

I can’t express how much I was encouraged by those messages.

Though this blog, I have met many people, including some who have the same situation as me.

“I really want to live much longer.“

I want to live long in order to share my experience, heart illness, and encourage other people. I want to say and laugh with Lindsey; “Oh it WAS a tough time… “ when I became an old man. 

I can’t forgive this illness, but what I can do now is keep living positively rest of my life.

To patients and their families who are suffering from this illness.

Let’s fight together. Let’s encourage each other.

Till the day when we can laugh about it!

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